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3 May 2011

From ICT4Entrepeneurship we have this profile of member Mohamed Ahmed Felata, a Facebook developer from Garoua in the North of Cameroon. Yesterday was the official launch of his Facebook app, KmerBlagues.

Kmerblagues is an app that Cameroonians can use to submit jokes, share them on their walls and vote to promote the best ones. Winning jokes for the week are announced each Monday and are rewarded with airtime vouchers. Cameroonians abroad can win too and send the voucher code to a friend back home.

On using Facebook to promote local content in Cameroon…

Mohamed describes his efforts as the beginnings for the ‘comedy central for the country.’ A fun application that creates a place for sharing jokes on Facebook. Its a creative idea and he makes a strong case for connecting brands with a difficult to reach audience – University students and young male professionals between the age of 19 to 32 – on a difficult to leverage platform. He believes there is a need for local content if we are going to get users more Cameroonian users online. He says, ‘It’s content about the region and the people. Just the name gives an idea of who our users are and the jokes we offer are really about Cameroonian humor.’

On coming to ActivSpaces in Buea…

‘I came to Buea three months ago when he heard about ActivSpaces from a friend. I was looking for a collaborative place to work and connections for help and maybe financing. In Yaounde I was paying 25.000 a month for a Ringo connection. I was looking for some kind of solution and I wasn’t really making progress working alone. When I came to ActivSpaces I didn’t want to stay too long. I thought someone would steal my idea but when I got to know the team I could see everyone was doing great projects. I realized this was the place I could grow. When I get stuck I have guys who can help me.’

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Website: Kmerblagues
Facebook: AfroPioneer
Location: Buea, Cameroon
Founded: May 2011
AfroPioneer is a startup based in Cameroon. Our mission is to change the online advertising landscape in Africa! Major African companies don’t advertise online. Why would they when we hardly visit our African websites? Statistics have shown that most African internet users use Facebook. Unfortunately, with about 120 characters and a small picture Facebook ads are not suited for selling products from major companies. No animations, no flash no interactivity and worse, most users don’t even see them.

That’s where we come in, bringing interactivity to advertising through apps with local content. We specialize in Facebook application development and know how to reach that local audience advertisers have a hard time reaching i.e. through ad space in our apps or a branded app that will engage users with your brand.

Bill Zimmerman

Posted by Bill Zimmerman

Bill is a software developer and co-founder of ActivSpaces. Prior to coming to Cameroon, he worked for Microsoft and later founded a successful startup in Seattle. He maintains a personal blog at 27months. Follow Bill on twitter @billzimmerman.

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