Our Community Manager Takes the Helm: Welcome Al Banda!

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20 Jul 2011

For a long time we’ve needed a dedicated ambassador for ActivSpaces — someone to do outreach, strengthen ties within Cameroon’s tech community and generally help us carry our vision forward. Over the last year, these duties have been shared by the part-time contributions of our co-founders. We’re very focused on tech projects, however, and realized that we didn’t have adequate time to devote to what had essentially become a full-time role.

We needed someone who could liaise with stakeholders on new initiatives, build and manage strategic relationships, support our fast-growing member base and spearhead the launch of our forthcoming Douala coworking space. Ideally, this person would be tech-savvy and subscribe to our ethos of open innovation and open community. It wouldn’t hurt if this person also lived and breathed the life of an entrepreneur—a tall order, to be sure.

We’ve gotten to know Al Banda since he joined us as a member earlier this year. He impressed all of us with his creativity, can-do attitude, communication skills and shrewd business sense. He’s an entrepreneur at heart and currently has the top-ranked overall venture on VC4Africa. Moreover, Al is a hardware hacker who understands the gadget crowd. Most importantly, it was obvious that he loves to share his ideas and finds personal satisfaction in helping others solve problems. To top things off, Al is French/English bilingual and has spent extended periods abroad in both the US and the Netherlands, so he brings a global perspective to our community.

Helen interviewing Al

As a community builder, Al will manage the day-to-day running of ActivSpaces by acting as the first point of contact for all members (individuals and corporate) and harness the expertise and resources within the ecosystem for the benefit of the community at large. With his passion for tech and business, we’re confident that Al will rock this role and represent us as the public face of social innovation in Cameroon.

I couldn’t be happier to have Al Banda on board. Please join us in welcoming him to the team!

Bill Zimmerman

Posted by Bill Zimmerman

Bill is a software developer and co-founder of ActivSpaces. Prior to coming to Cameroon, he worked for Microsoft and later founded a successful startup in Seattle. He maintains a personal blog at 27months. Follow Bill on twitter @billzimmerman.

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