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9 Aug 2011

One of the greatest frustrations for several tech entrepreneurs in Africa is having to adjust applications and solutions to be usable with a poor internet bandwidth. However, the new kid on the block of ISPs seems to be ushering in a service that will benefit web operators and online business in a major way.


YooMee is the first operator in Cameroon to provide a seamless internet experience. Stephane Abrahams, the Managing Director, demonstrated the service live to a public audience of bloggers, journalists, techies and ActivSpaces ;) Safe to say we were wowed. If you have any doubts, YooMee has a “Show Room” you can visit for the 640 Kbps experience.

Consumers can gear up their desktop PCs or laptops with 4G speeds using YooMee’s sleek plug-and-play wireless modems. YooMee is also rolling out a wide coverage zone of 4G hot spots — like the everywhere-you-go of fast internet.

With a robust technical system made up of 45 power units covering 80% of Douala and growing, YooMee is serious about stability on their network.


What Does This Mean For Business?YooMee
YooMee is offering Cameroon an easily accessible world of rich media. Their philosophy is that the internet is a gateway to great business opportunities and increases a young professional’s chances of success. ActivSpaces is looking forward to seeing the first businessmen out there who take advantage of 4G. Think: proximity marketing. Think: location-based services. Think: nonstop internet.

We have reason to be sure YooMee has a lot more surprises for Cameroon as well…

Al Banda

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