Recruiting the 1st Batch of ActivSpacers for Douala

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2 Sep 2011

Are you looking to boost your venture?
It’s time to show yourself and the entrepreneurial projects you’ve been building up to support business & development in Africa. ActivSpaces, in collaboration with AppsTech Douala, is pleased to announce that we are accepting membership applications for our soon-to-launch innovation hub in Douala. Quick points:

+ There is no cost to apply

+ Applicants must simply have a project in the works to be eligible for incubation

+ Applicants can apply with one project only

+ The deadline for applications is Friday, September 30th

Send in your applications to or contact us if you want more information.

The Douala Space
With ActivSpaces Buea gaining in traction and gearing up to receive several applications from the University of Buea, the Douala Space will provide a thorough, business-oriented approach to incubation right in the heart of the commercial capital. Follow @ActivSpaces and @AppsTech_Oracle on Twitter for news on the launching of the Douala Space and we look forward to seeing your applications.

Showtime, now!

Al Banda

Posted by Al Banda

Al is a business strategist and community manager for ActivSpaces. A third culture kid, he lives to bridge gaps between technology, infrastructure and culture. Follow him on Twitter @TribeOfLions

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