Book of the Month: Getting Real by 37 Signals

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28 Oct 2011

Getting Real
The smarter, faster, easier way to build a successful web application. And that is “Getting Real“. Discover 37 Signals’ unconventional but brilliant approach to conception, construction and realization of great webware.

Who is 37 Signals?
The privately-held Chicago-based company committed to building the best web-based software products. 321 of the Fortune 500 use 37 Signals’ tools. For the techies out there using Ruby on Rails, 37 Signals built it.

Why We Chose Getting Real As Book of the Month
ActivSpaces startups have been greatly inspired by Getting Real. Gosabi went from concept to prototype launch in 2 months and our recent discussion with founders of describes how they embraced the Getting Real philosophy to build and ship their service to the web in two weeks. The passing of Steve Jobs this month has also caused the tech community to be re-inspired by his life. We know you all are impassioned to innovate and we recommend this book as a starter to get you on your way.

Finally, the modus operandi outlined in this book applies to a variety of disciplines — anybody can benefit from its knowledge. An easy read of under 200 pages, you can flip through this book in a day. It’s the highlight of the ActivSpaces library.

Al Banda

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