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5 Oct 2011

Contributing just one percent of your time, knowledge and resources to another’s project can make all the difference. ActivSpaces had the opportunity to experience this first-hand (for the second time) on Saturday, September 30th, when we participated in the 1% Club’s global co-creation event.

What's a Cheetah?

8 labs from 8 cities worldwide connected to undertake a one-day brainstorming & concept development sprint. Each lab worked towards solving a case for another and the results had to be shown as concretely as possible on the same day. ActivSpaces was lucky enough to have not one but two of its incubated initiatives involved in the 1% Co-Creation Event.

The concept of co-creation lies deep in ActivSpaces’ DNA. We conduct our own weekly version – the Concentration Session – where members focus on one project and crank out solutions for it within three hours. The 1% Event was right up our alley and it was a great learning experience and much fun to share with the other labs involved. We weren’t alone, but joined by media and ICT experts from VC4Africa, local tech company, FeePerfect, and also the United States Peace Corps to help make the day a success.

ActivSpaces is not a new fan of the 1% Club. We participated in last year’s co-creation event and plan to do so next year too. 1% Club is committed to helping social projects see the light of day by leveraging their resources to get helpful individuals and organizations to contribute 1% of their energy to make it work.

This blog post is a big shout-out to the 1% Club and everybody who participated in this year’s event. We hope Jo Pratt and the team at (the case we worked on) got the most of our 1% ;) Follow @1percentclub on Twitter and stay tuned to see exactly what the results were. We look forward to seeing you at the next co-creation event.

Al Banda

Posted by Al Banda

Al is a business strategist and community manager for ActivSpaces. A third culture kid, he lives to bridge gaps between technology, infrastructure and culture. Follow him on Twitter @TribeOfLions

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