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Following last month’s investor live chat with Dariu Trueb of Ringier Africa & Kitendo Capital, we’re pleased to welcome Christina Tamer and Sean Smith of Invested Development, a Boston-based, impact-focused, seed-stage investment firm with its sights set on African innovators. Invested Development targets emerging markets with risk capital investments in the most innovative alternative energy […]

The majority of Cameroonians are entrepreneurs at heart; they love to set up businesses of their own, no matter how small. Apprenticeship leading towards sole proprietorship is the main aspiration for even the uneducated kid on the street. 9-5 employees are also looking to save up enough to get into real estate investments or a […]

Welcome to the Digital Storytelling Workshop delivered by Niels Jansen from the 1% Club in the Netherlands and hosted today at ActivSpaces Buea in Cameroon. We’re going to be using Cover It Live to give you real-time updates during the next two days. Stay tuned and follow Niels as he explains the power behind social […]

ActivSpaces and 1% Club have always enjoyed warm relations, both organizations believing in the power of sharing knowledge and resources for the greater social good. At ActivSpaces we pride ourselves in taking constant action but we were pleasantly surprised when barely a month after the enormously successful 1% Co-Creation Event, we received word that a […]

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