Power Hour with Ismael Nzouetom

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20 Dec 2011

Ismael Nzouetom, the Cameroonian wunderkind behind I-Dispo, an innovative online booking platform, is visiting Cameroon and eager to meet up with the tech community. Harambe Cameroon in collaboration with ActivSpaces is organizing a Power Hour meetup between Ismael and the local startup/tech community tomorrow at Akwa Palace in Douala. Take your time and check out this inspiring video to gain a little insight into I-Dispo and the entrepreneurial brilliance behind it.

A Brief History
Ismael Nzouetom, born and bred in Cameroon, received a Francophonie scholarship in 2002 that landed him in France to further his studies at the University of Paris XIII. After receiving training as a telecommunications engineer, Ismael developed his career with Giants such as Expertime, Microsoft and British Telecoms where he was in charge of the dot.com portfolio. While working on his masters, Ismael developed the idea for I-Dispo, a venture that would turn into a life-changing adventure that would take him to Silicon Valley and beyond.

The Details
In our Power Hour with Ismael, he will be sharing the story of his success and his habit-altering innovation at Akwa Palace and as usual, where we unite there is force. There is a lot of multilateral lessons to be learned from one of Cameroon’s finest who is building up a track record on the global startup scene.

Power Hour with Ismael Nzouetom

When: Wednesday, 21st December | 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Where: Akwa Palace, Douala
Guest Speaker: Ismael Nzouetom, Founder at I-Dispo

Activity: Ismael will be sharing challenges, trials and triumphs of entrepreneurship with the local startup community and there will be healthy exchange as well. Bring your bundle of positive energy.

For our friends near the city of seven hills and others who can’t make it to Douala, we’ll be holding another Power Hour at Concordia Lounge in Yaounde’s upscale neighborhood of Bastos on Thursday, December 22nd at the same time (6:00pm – 8:00pm).

For Tweeps
Follow Harambe Cameroon’s president, Olivia Mukam, on Twitter at @sankara1111 for updates on the event. Use the #PowerHourCMR hashtag to stay in the cut. Catch Ismael Nzouetom’s occasional tweets from @ismosoft.

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