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7 Feb 2012

The West Cameroon leadership therefore opted to transform a “National Day” into a “Youth Day” as a tool for nation-building and consolidation, and greater mobilization of the population, most of whom were youths.

-Youth & Nation-Building in Cameroon by Churchill Ewumbue-Monono

Youth & Nation-Building in CameroonThe origin of Cameroon’s Youth Day was in itself a well calculated innovation. So it makes perfect sense that ActivSpaces takes Youth Week extra seriously. In the spirit of entrepreneurship and youth mobilization, we’re using Youth Week to launch our newest program — the StartUp Booster.

The Origins: Start of an Era
Last month, some of the most active players in Cameroon’s startup/tech community met up at AppsTech in Douala to chart a way forward for 2012. Collectively, we realized that now more than ever, we must encourage collaboration and unite as a force if we want to see our objectives of sustainable development realized. Identifying that coaching and finance were the highest barriers to success for local entrepreneurs, we agreed to pool our resources and expertise to help implement the most promising startups of the era.

#subCMR – All Action
#subCMR is a StartUp Booster program for Cameroon facilitated by ActivSpaces and powered by the local business community. Idea-bearers and action-takers come together once a month for an intensive weekend workshop with the unique goal of building and launching solutions for local startups.


February 11th
In the attitude of action-taking, the first #subCMR event is coming up soon this month and we’ll be announcing it on February 11th — Cameroon’s Youth Day. Follow @ActivSpaces and the hashtag #subCMR on Twitter for more details. If you are interested in finding out how you can participate in a #subCMR event then just contact us for the full package with details on all levels of possible engagement.

#subCMR is all about demonstrating the power of positive action and the time for action is upon us. Stay tuned ;)

Al Banda

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