The Race of Hope

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17 Feb 2012

It’s the eve of the Mount Cameroon Race of Hope. Both athletes and tourists are pouring into Buea to experience Africa’s most grueling footrace; a 24 mile sprint up a live volcano and down again. Conquering the mountain means braving cruel conditions: 50 degree temperature fluctuations, altitude sickness and a harsh path of volcanic stones. 50% of the participants will give up, defeated by the gods of the mountain.

Mt. Cameroon Race Of Hope - covered online by Wasamundi

As entrepreneurs, the Race of Hope is analogous to our daily lives. The stats are even worse; 90% of startups fail within their first year and the ones that survive can’t claim to have done so without taking a good beating. So perhaps it’s symbolic that our inaugural session of #subCMR starts tomorrow morning as we’ll be taking off on our own mini “race of hope”.


We’ll be using CoverItLive (the frame below) to communicate and live-blog our progress. Be sure to join us and learn about the project — TopUpDesk — meet the volunteers, give feedback to the team and share the marathon with us ;)

Al Banda

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