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“An Investment In Knowledge Pays The Best Interest” This classic quote by Benjamin Franklin is the driving force and mantra behind one of ActivSpaces’ educational initiatives. Access to academic resources is a noted problem in Africa. Even with technological advances in e-learning, it’s still a challenge to develop sustainable libraries, generate end user engagement and […]

We live in a society polarized on race, religion, gender, sexuality, and a plethora of other demographics. Although there is much peace and understandings that can come from groups if they just communicated. JELYPals was born out of these frustrations as seen in the Black and African diasporan community. That is Blacks and Africans in the diaspora and at home whose roots […]

For many Cameroonians (and Africans at that) the term “Waka Waka” means something quite different from our new friend’s name. We would like to introduce you to WakaWaka Light, the coolest solar LED lamp on a mission to bring sustainable lighting to underprivileged communities worldwide. A Worthy Cause When we first met WakaWaka, we learned […]

We felt compelled to share this excellent visualization of innovation hubs across the continent. It was created by mHealth Africa to highlight the growing number of hubs, labs and coworking spaces that have sprung up around Africa in recent years. The image is Creative Commons licensed, so we expect to see this reused in various […]

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