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2 Nov 2012

After taking the 1st runner-up prize at the CSC2012 awards in Douala just over a month ago, King Maker, an innovative cyber cafe ad platform, is preparing itself for market entry in the first half of November 2012. Mohamed Felata, founder of King Maker, has been experimenting with online advertising models since his first web application, KmerBlagues. If you want to understand the simplicity and potential impact of this project, visit King Maker’s page on VC4Africa and go through the material that put this venture in the top three of the Cameroon Startup Challenge.

Third Time’s The Charm
This weekend volunteers from the community are coming together at ActivSpaces to support Mohamed in completing the final tasks necessary to launch his business. While this will mark the third edition in our subCMR series, it also marks Mohamed’s third attempt at penetrating the Cameroonian online ads market. We’ve rallied behind him because every startup understands the utility of a platform that can efficiently point users to their apps and websites.

Join us here at the hub or connect with us online this weekend as we liveblog using CoverItLive (the panel below). The support of the community means everything in making subCMR work.

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