Activation Boot Camp

Your next chance to apply to Activation Boot Camp will be in January 2016.


This membership level is for tech start-ups that are ready for acceleration. In addition to the co-working space, these members will also benefit from a six-month acceleration program called "Activation Boot Camp". The program includes mentorship, legal advice, help registering as a company, financing, marketing & sales advice, and participation in ActivSpaces Demo day. At the end of the Activation Boot Camp, it is the intent that the start-ups will achieve success and independence.


We have evaluated Activspaces’ investment for each start-ups to the amount of 4.6 million XAF.

Item Estimated (or actual) value Comment
Office space/internet/utilities 600,000 100k/month for 6 months
Legal fees 700,000 Incorporation and advising
Marketing consulting fees 500,000
Consulting fees – mentor 500,000
Consulting fees – professional development 500,000
Business Coaching 500,000
Marketing by ActivSpaces (Demo Day, social media, etc) 300,000
Seed funding 1,000,000 Actual amount of funding made available to each startup.
Total 4,600,000 XAF

Startups' Obligation

During Activation Boot Camp the startups selected and the Activspaces’ team will focus on marketing and sales of the products/services making the startups more attractive to further investors. Startups will also be obligated to repay the investment amount in the form of a revenue based loan.

The following will be expected of the Startups:
  • Attend weekly meetings with Business Development Team
  • Complete tasks set by Business Development Team
  • Attend Business Development Sessions
  • Complete a monthly audit
  • Maintain audited financial records
  • Sales
  • Build traction
  • Attract more investment from external investors

How to apply

Your next chance to apply will be in January 2016.