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AfriLabs, the African tech hub association, gathers for first annual meeting at re:publica AfriLabs (, a pan-African network of 19 technology and innovation hubs in 13 African countries, is convening for its first annual meeting on Saturday, May 4thin the lead up to re:publica. At this event— Europe’s largest conference on internet and society in Berlin— AfriLabs […]

We live in a society polarized on race, religion, gender, sexuality, and a plethora of other demographics. Although there is much peace and understandings that can come from groups if they just communicated. JELYPals was born out of these frustrations as seen in the Black and African diasporan community. That is Blacks and Africans in the diaspora and at home whose roots […]

BarCamp is an international network of user-generated conferences (or unconferences) typically geared around technology, media, startups, open data, society and so on. They are open, participatory workshop events, the content of which is provided by participants. In keeping with tradition, there is no set speaker list before the day of the event and everyone is […]

Washington, DC | The Hilton | July 30th, 8:00am Scores of Cameroonian professionals in the diaspora and their foreign connections poured into the conference hall at The Hilton in Washington, D.C. The congress had been organized for the purpose of taking a keen look into the biggest issues facing Cameroonian communities both domestically and abroad. […]

From ICT4Entrepeneurship we have this profile of member Mohamed Ahmed Felata, a Facebook developer from Garoua in the North of Cameroon. Yesterday was the official launch of his Facebook app, KmerBlagues. Kmerblagues is an app that Cameroonians can use to submit jokes, share them on their walls and vote to promote the best ones. Winning […]

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