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The time has finally come for us to expand our ActivSpaces team! After searching the world far and wide, the African Center for Technology, Innovation & Ventures (ActivSpaces) core team is very pleased to introduce our newest addition. Hussein Shariff has moved from the frozen mass of land that they call Canada to beautiful Buea, […]

In the domestically popular suburban slang of Francophone Cameroon, the term “djoss” is often used to describe chatter or small talk. Last week, a few Douala-based Cameroonian techies launched a web application designed specifically for the purpose of chit-chat around television programs – stands out because it joins the ranks of the daring […]

Are you looking to boost your venture? It’s time to show yourself and the entrepreneurial projects you’ve been building up to support business & development in Africa. ActivSpaces, in collaboration with AppsTech Douala, is pleased to announce that we are accepting membership applications for our soon-to-launch innovation hub in Douala. Quick points: + There is no cost […]

From ICT4Entrepeneurship we have this profile of member Mohamed Ahmed Felata, a Facebook developer from Garoua in the North of Cameroon. Yesterday was the official launch of his Facebook app, KmerBlagues. Kmerblagues is an app that Cameroonians can use to submit jokes, share them on their walls and vote to promote the best ones. Winning […]

A program called Signals hosted by Hackerspaces posted this audio interview about the African hacker and IT scene. The participants talk with the host about how African technical ingenuity is used to create solutions to challenges that are local or regional in origin but have potential to be applied globally. The interview contains two talks, […]

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