As a little boy, I often accompanied my parents to the farms; we worked very hard and usually took home great harvests. What I couldn’t understand is why my parents couldn’t pay my $15 ( or 7,500frs )  school fee in time and as a result I was been driven away from school at the start of almost every academic year. More than 70% of Cameroonians – out of a population of more than 20 million – depend on agriculture for a livelihood but despite huge efforts and hard work invested on their farms, they generally remain inefficient and poor – with most subsisting on less than $2 USD a day. While farmers rail about low market prices, consumers inveigh against soaring food prices in the market. Do you know why or don’t you want to know why? Our studies revealed this is as a result of inadequate information circulation and disorganized agricultural markets that give room for swindlers to strive amidst degrading global economy. The time to set things right is now, it is time to change the rules of the game and AGRO-HUB is here to make sure of that. Think of AGRO-HUB as that social middleman who harnesses the leverage of technology to connect with more farmers, traders and consumers - than any single middleman can possibly do – through the use of basic information and communication technologies in an effort to bring about coordination, proper information circulation and agricultural market reforms. Through AGRO-HUB, we shall create more business opportunities for farmers, consumers and traders, foster market and price control by stakeholders not swindlers, bring about organized and structured agricultural markets and above all reduce agricultural waste. I call on all stakeholders: Farmers, Consumers, Investors, Traders and Governments to lend a hand so that together we can contribute to fight food shortages, liberate information and reduce the number of people amongst us who work so hard, but still subsist on $2USD a day.

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